Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toxic granules and Polymorph count (updated)

What is more important in predicting acute bacterial infection?

presence of toxic granules or

many patients have neutrophilia without any changes in granules while some patients presents with toxic granules in neutrophils with normal counts
In my personal observation most patients with toxic granules in neutrophils also have increased numbers of large granular lymphocytes, does it suggest some specific group of infections?

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  1. in my point of view if there is history of fever or clue to infection then we should call it as toxic granulation or otherwise hypergranulation only

    from dr anil

  2. as I beleive toxic granules are primary granules seen in premature myeloid cells and their presence in neutrophils indicates rapid maturation of myeloid cells,
    If toxic granules are present without neutrophilia it probably means early phase in infection in which marrow has responded by rapid maturation of blasts, while later on neutrophilia shall appear with gradual loss of toxic granules as infection clears, so neutrophilia without toxic granules is probably a good sign


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