Monday, August 9, 2010

Biodisc - fraud of the century

One of the leading magazine from Gujarat, India (Chitralekha), has published cover story about Biodisc. According to them Water that come into contact with biodisc become structured and organised, which appear crystalised!!!! Wow now you can change the physical properties of water!!! This water can do miracle, and treat almost anything!!!

At last they say the cost of biodisc (Rs. 17,750 for 1, Rs. 31400 for 2), which can be purchased by phone number given by them or someone linked with qnet.

Being a doctor, thing like this is difficult to digest, so I did some googling. One of the pioneer of this energized water theory is Dr. Masaru Emoto. In 2003, James Randi publicly offered Emoto one million dollars if his results can be reproduced in a double-blind study. No need to say that no one has won one million dollar from James Randi till date.
Gary Greenberg commented on Emoto's work:

"As a scientist, I was astonished. It didn’t surprise me that I couldn’t find any scientific experiments [Emoto] has performed or any peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published describing controlled studies of Emoto’s work. A further search revealed that Emoto’s degree was from the Open International University in India, where an M.D. degree costs $500 and a Ph.D. costs $350, no classes or tests required."

Kristopher Setchfield has researched on Emoto's work and concluded, "After the lengthy review of Emoto’s research methods and results, I have come to believe that Dr. Emoto is offering pseudoscience to the masses in the guise of defensible research."

Here is the disclairmer by amezcua, the company selling biodisc,

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In the end, it's really an outright fraud! It's like selling hamburgers that can heal your stomach problem!

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