Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bakwas about slumdog

"THIS ARTICLE IS NOTHING BUT AND ATTEMPT TO GAIN A CHEAP PUBLICITY BY CRITICIZING A POPULAR AND WELL MADE MOVIE, JUST LIKE RAJ THAKRE ATTACKING AMITABH BACHCHAN", there are so many worse thing to criticize but why people choose only popular things, and unfortunately this movie shows only truth, there is nothing to critisize there man!!

For some people it is hard to believe that foreigners can create good movie about India and become popular, but the truth is truth, the first thing that came to my mind after reading the article is, Raj thakre trying to throw out non marathi's out of maharashtra, and criticizing Jaya bachchhan just for a shake of being in news. This mentality should change, cant we accept the simple truth.., slums are there, and reality is probably worse than shown in movie, No one becomes carorepati so easily, just accept that
I dont know why person like Arindam is running after such cheap publicity, I just want to ask, Are you going to join politics??

UPDATE: Phot of child selling Sunday Indian- Arindam's brand, Who opposes slumdog millionaire for showing poverty and child abuse in India

Link to Arindam's post

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  1. thank you sharad for supporting me in my cause.
    People like these get away with all their fancy articles. People need to be told the truth about them


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